You can’t buy love but you can buy handmade - Sakshi Sachan

Anything that is made by hand is handmade. Handmade is any of wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative object are made completely by hand or by using simple tools. It is a traditional main sector of craft and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making thing with one’s hand and skills.

Handmade products are green as it consume less energy than a mass community product and therefore is more environmentally sustainable. Another thing to feel good about is that you are helping in creating more jobs by helping a locally running small business. It’s pretty easy to buy. Handmade comes from a special place of heart. It’s not mechanical but emotional. Something that is made with love, compassion, beauty, desire, care and hope. Rightly so supporting handmade , you are supporting a tradition a culture a heritage and a craft……just to start with! Buying handmade products also create jobs and strengthen the economy. Handmade goods are typically created by small business, and small business growth is good for everyone.

“Small changes matters”

As we taken handmade jewellery, it never goes out of trend. Few things that make handmade jewellery better than machine made jewellery are that they have unique concept of design and colour and the copy of things doesn’t work here. You will always get unique and trendy design. These kind of jewellery are easy to wear, comfortable and always work for a long time. Like sustainable food and fashion, handmade artisan jewellery has become increasingly popular as people has begun to value a higher level of material, craftsmanship and that special quality often missing in mass produced items.

“ Crafters do not make mistakes…..They just add a new design element”

It’s a change or a choice that one needs to make for a positive long run. The perspective is infinite. Help yourself support others and co-exist! And lets take one day at a time…….

Make Handmade

Give Handmade

Buy Handmade

Live Handmade