The goal of gender equality holds a place among the most predominant SDGs. All the SDGs depend mainly on one goal, Goal 5. Sustainable Development Goal 5 concerns gender equality and is fifth of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015. It mainly focuses on achieving gender equality by empowering all women and girls. The position of women has always been a controversial topic in the society.

Women contribute greatly to the society, Women prepare up to 90 per cent of meals in households around the world, yet when times are tough, women and girls may be the first to eat less. Households headed by women may not eat enough simply because women earn at lower levels, and are less prepared to cope with sudden crisis. The reason behind women earning less you may ask? It is because the society considers men as the ideal candidate for working and earning a living, putting the food on the table whereas for a women, she is expected to be a good mother and take care of her family. This stereotype has been embedded in the minds of so many people from the time when they came into the world. This has increased to such extent that, in many nations, gender discrimination is still woven through legal and social norms.

This harsh truth of the society is what concerns most egalitarians and feminists, But with the feeling of unity and respect among and towards each other this social evil can be defeated and we should do it.

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