Long back there were two friends named Kapil and Mukesh. One day they were travelling through a desert and due to a fight, they both argued. Kapil was very angry and upset and he slapped Mukesh. Mukesh was extremely hurt and sad from the action of Kapil. He was disappointed and broken but didn't say anything.

He wrote on sand " today my best friend slapped me".

They both kept walking silently and decided to take a bath when they found an oasis.

Mukesh was stuck in the mire and he started drowning, but Kapil saved him.

After Mukesh was recovered from a near-drowning situation, he wrote in a stone" my best friend saved me today".

Seeing this Kapil was confused and asked Mukesh out of curiosity that when "I slapped you wrote it on sand but when I saved you, you wrote on a stone, why so?"

Mukesh had a very beautiful answer to it:- " when someone hurts us we should write on the sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But when someone helped us or did something good for us we should write it on stone, where no wind can ever erase it."

MORAL:- Don't value things you have in your life value people who you have

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