According to Wikipedia, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits.

In simpler terms education is learning. Learning about anything and everything to help us live a better and effortless life. Since its independence, India has been highly focused on providing a better than before education system. India holds the 34th rank in Worldwide Education for the Future Index 2019. The government of India has never been short on releasing new educational programs across the country. Over time the education system in India has developed exceptionally.

The education system in India is divided into four levels for a nice systematic flow of education provided according to the suitable age groups- lower primary, upper primary, high school, and higher secondary. The Indian government has always stressed on the importance of primary education (class I-VIII) also referred to as elementary education and has also been made free under the Right of Childre to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009.

Even after so many remarkable benchmarks, the education provided in our schools is detached from the reality of life. The course of studies or syllabus taught in schools have more to count occasions in which it has failed to give the students an insight of the real world and when the students come out in the real world they feel confused and unstable in the society.

The education which the children of our country are getting only helps them to pass theoretical exams. And lets not forget the mindset of our society towards the results of the said examinations. If a child scores above 90% marks in his/her exams they become the talk of the town, and when they get lower percentage they are scolded or much worse, become the prop for several humiliations. All these negative reactions force a child to forget about their hobbies and dreams, and just focus solely in becoming a topper in the class. If this isn’t the biggest failure than I don’t know what is. Because education is all about learning new things and finding oneselves, not about blindly following the school curriculum and pleasing our parents and the society, in the meanwhile forgetting ourselves.

In simpler terms, our education system needs a full-on bath. All these grading systems, tough curriculums are promoting several psychological problems in students. Most of the times students don’t even realize how severe their problem is until it’s too late. The education system should rather focus in building the student’s personality. Focusing on the evolution of healthy habits, attitudes and attributes of the charater of the students ia a great way for a healthy personality development in them.

Now, there’s a large gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. One can not live just one. If a student, in all his academic years, only focused on his books and came out the topper of the school, there are fat chances that he might fail in the practical world, because all he learned in his growth years was how to fight exams. Schools must train students on not only facing theoretical problems but also the practicality of the world, which will, no doubt help in boosting their knowledge as well as confidence in them to face the world head-on. This training will not only help them ace their academic career but it will also help them build a better future for themselves and our nation.