Drug Abuse: Reasons and prevention. by Kirandeep Kaur

What is drug abuse?

Drug abuse is the use of prescription drugs, or psychotropic drugs for the purpose other than they are meant to be used.

Drug abuse is one of the most common problems we are facing in today’s era. Drugs can make a man empty from the core. Our young generation is more prone to the drugs as they see these as a bypass to cope up with anxiety and depression which are most common among teenagers. Many people cannot even recognize why they are taking drugs. There are many reasons for which drugs are very popular amid the new generation. Here, in this article we are going to discuss reasons and preventive methods of drug abuse. So, let’s get into it.

Reasons of Drug Abuse:

  1. Peer pressure: Peer pressure can be the foremost reason for taking drugs. Peer pressure is basically the influence of taking drugs from members of one’s peer group. It is very common among teenagers. Peer pressure is not always negative, it can be positive also but, influencing others in one’s group for taking drugs is so pessimistic.

  2. Stress and Anxiety: Stress is very common among people in the contemporary world. It is very important to manage stress and anxiety because it may lead to some serious problems like depression and long term anxiety disorder. Most adolescents face depression and for relief to this happening they start taking drugs, primarily, they can have a feeling of euphoria but they can’t imagine that they are pushing themselves in the black hole of drug addiction.

  3. Performance Improvement: Some people believe that drugs can improve their performance, this is true as drugs can create a feeling of euphoria but for some time only, later on it can create a feeling of tiredness and weakness. Drugs can create withdrawal symptoms as a long term effect. Most of the gym freaks and sports persons are habitual of taking drugs.

Preventive methods of drug abuse: Prevention is always better than cure is a famous saying but, people with drug addiction can also be treated with certain types of medications. Now, we will be discussing preventive methods of drug abuse.

1. Awareness: We can make people aware regarding drug abuse through seminars and camps. We can educate students as they are more prone to drug addiction.

2. Keep tabs on prescription: About 70% of the drug abusers are addicted to the prescription medicines. Parents can track their teen’s prescription so that they cannot abuse them.

3. Government initiatives: Government should take indispensable measures to confront the problem of drug abuse. The government should generate more employment as most of the people who are unemployed have more chances to get into drug addiction. Poverty is also the reason for this problem, the government should focus on the subsidies and schemes for helping poor people.

Conclusion: We have seen the reasons and the preventive reasons for the drug abuse above. It is high time that we realise the seriousness of this problem. Not only the government but every single person should make efforts to vanish the problem of drug abuse from our world.